Lissa Agin

Human Pilot

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 4 2 3 2 2
Soak Defence Wounds Strain Encumb
3 Range 1 Melee 1 12 13 7
Skills: Talents: Page
Astrogation: PP Full Throttle 135
Deception: PAA Skilled Jockey (2) 142
Medicine: PA Galaxy Mapper (2) 136
Piloting (planetary) PAAA Lets Ride 138
Piloting (space): PPPA Improved Full Throttle 136
Skulduggery: PPA Grit 136
Stealth: PAAA Tricky Target 145
Streetwise: PAA
Vigilance: PA
Ranged – Light PAAA

Lissa Agin was born on a well settled, prosperous world, to somewhat well to do parents. Lissa’s parents had definite plans for Lissa’s life, they had decided that she would be a doctor, then go into politics, eventually ending up as Mayor of their city. Lissa had her own ideas, and while she did study some medicine like her parents wanted, she got as much training as she could from simulators and people who could teach her into piloting star ships and astrogation. At 16 Lissa ran away from her parents and took a job on a freighter as a assistant pilot. Since then Lissa has taken what piloting jobs she could get, and stolen to make ends meet.

This lasted until just after her 22 birthday, when she took all the credits she had saved and bought the info and codes she would need to hijack a ship. Lissa bought the info and codes from a ship broker, and tried to hijack the yacht, with the intention of selling it. Lissa ran into a problem…. the ship she was supposed to hijack was not there, so in desperation she tried to hijack a nearby ship, but severely damaged it in the attempt. The owner of the ship decided that instead of calling the authorities that Lissa would have to do various “jobs” for him, and if she refuses the owner will turn her over to the cops.

Lissa has for the last year tried to find the broker who sold her the bogus information and codes so she can get payback, either in credits, real info and codes, or failing either of those a part of his hide to be made into a bathmat. About 6 months ago Lissa hired on with Isotech as a pilot for Iso 1, Isotech’s HUGE freighter/command post, where she met and became friends with a newly arrived doctor named Jerry Tomes from the ship the Curious Zephyr. Jerry is going to stay for a while on Iso-One, and wants Lissa to go with the Zephyr.

Lissa has no major plans in life at this time, all she wants is the freedom to fly where she wants, see what she wants, do what she wants, and steal what she wants. Lissa has no problems with taking things, but absolutely refuses to steal from friends. Usually what Lissa steals are knickknacks for her quarters, or things she needs to get by.

Lissa Agin

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