Twi'lek Trader/Big Game Hunter

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
1 2 3 2 2 4
Skills: Talent Page
Astrogation PAA Know Somebody 138
Charm PPPA Wheel & Deal (2) 145
Cool PAAA Grit 136
Deception PA Spare Clip 143
Leadership PAAA Toughnened 145
Medicine PA Smooth talker: Negotiation 142
Negotiation PPPA Forager 135
Perception PA Outdoorsman 141
Pilot – Space PA Stalker 143
Survival PA
Stealth PA
Ranged Light PA
Ranged Heavy PA
Knowledge Lore PAA
Knowledge Outer Rim PPA
Knowledge Underworld PAA
Knowledge Xenology PAA

Soak 2
Wounds 13
Strain 14
Defence 0
Raw Encumbrance Limit: 3


In debt to a shady Duros and desperately looking to protect his sister in school. Far’losh has his ship and small crew to raise enough money to take care of those near by and hopefully not incur too many debts. He’s taken on Jerry Tomes as a troubled soul needing help. When the Curious Zephyr was broken down and the hired crew wasn’t working out, Gand and his friend Angodo came along to help in a variety of ways.


Small Adventures of The Curious Zephyr MarkR69